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Unique Jewelry at Innsbruck Jewelers
Unique Jewelry at Innsbruck Jewelers
About Us - Unique Jewelry at Innsbruck Jewelers

From the classic beauty of diamonds and platinum to custom-designed unique jewelry, Innsbruck Jewelers in New Brighton offers timeless treasures with unparalleled service.
We understand that the brilliance of each facet determines the beauty of the entire gem. Whether changing a watch battery or custom-designing unique jewelry, every service is an important facet of our business. At Innsbruck Jewelers, we measure our quality by your complete satisfaction.

Unique Jewelry at Innsbruck Jewelers
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Innsbruck Jewelers
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This television commercial explains differences in Quality of Products.

The first example is the difference in diamond settings. The prongs on MOST rings in MOST stores are terrible. The diamonds are set by someone getting paid to set as many as possible each hour. They are jammed into the prongs without any thought about the potential problems for the end consumer. After all, they will never see you. They are sitting in a factory in New York or India or China. They won’t hear about how your ring is catching on clothing, or that you have lost your diamond because a prong caught on something allowing the diamond to fall out. We see this all the time. Sometimes we can repair the prongs and sometimes we have to replace the entire crown. This is no way for a consumer to be treated when spending good money on a supposedly "new and perfect" ring. At Innsbruck Jewelers, we take the time to set diamonds the correct way. We like our customers happy.

The second example is about the connecting jump ring on a necklace or bracelet. Nearly ALL jump rings on bracelets or necklaces in stores today leave the jump ring unsoldered. Just a simple tug and your jewelry may be lost or damaged. We solder all of our jump rings. Yes, we have soldered thousands and thousands of jump rings – by hand – during our twenty-six years in business. We like our customers happy.

The third example shows how many crowns that hold the diamond are not installed properly. The crown has a peg on the bottom. The peg fits into a hole drilled into the ring. If the crown is not lowered all the way down and if solder does not attach to the base of the crown you may lose the whole crown and diamond. We have had customers come to us with rings from other stores after just such a tragedy has happened. It is a sad thing. The store wouldn't do anything for them because it had been purchased years ago.

Lastly is the difference in earring backs. Most earrings come from the factory with lightweight backs. We all know someone who has lost an earring. We scrap those earring backs and install top-quality heavy backs. This greatly lessens the risk of losing an earring. We like our customers happy.

These are just a few examples of differences in quality. Visit us at Innsbruck Jewelers. We’ll be happy to show you many other reasons to consider us for your next jewelry purchase.